About Us – Sea People

Sea People is the international community of lovers of the sea, the ocean and the water that gives life on Earth as well as of the beauty of our blue planet. We are not a political organization, but a new form of artistic work that proclaims cruising on a sailboat across the seas and oceans around our planet a work of art.

On September 8, 2022, we will celebrate the 500th anniversary since the ship Victoria sailed back into the port of Seville having completed the first circle. Inscribe yourself in this first half millennium of circumnavigation and become a citizen of the Sea People.

No need to be a seafarer to declare yourself as a member of the Sea People – sharing the dream of beauty of the sea and the ocean is enough.

All you need to do is send us a piece of information on you that will be published as part of the work of art we are creating: your name or pseudonym, or the name of your boat, a photo, a video, a text or a story…

The benefits you receive are manifold: from the inscription in the first 500 years of circumnavigation to the opportunity to participate in initiatives, sailings, exchanges of experiences and assistance among members, being part of the environmental awareness movement on the protection of the ocean and the sea and, above all, of the creation of the largest living work of art made up of ourselves and our common dream, knowledge, skills and sense of belonging to the sea…

This is not about politics, but about art: circumnavigation as art.

The first half millenium is now!

Join us! Become a citizen of the Sea People